About Us


Short Story About Our Company

Slim Haven was founded in 2015 by John Denham. Being a Registered Nurse since 1996, John brought nearly two decades of experience in human services to the establishment of residential homes that provide support and stability for individuals with and without disabilities.

Our organization is lead by a team of compassionate and skilled people who daily meet the needs of those residing in our communities. From Direct Support Professionals (DSP), Residential Supervisors,  as well as administrative staff, the professionals at Slim Haven are committed to helping meet the unique needs of individuals and families who face the realities of homelessness.

We realized early on that to be a Provider of Choice, we also needed to be an Employer of Choice. We understand that quality starts with the people we have on our staff. We believe that if you take care of your customers and your employees, everything else will work itself out.


Slim Haven strives to provide person centered services to individuals in settings of support and comfort. We are devoted to giving individuals the freedom of choice in their daily lives and committed to building a team that strives for success through changing lives and providing quality care.


We strive to be an employer of choice as well as a provider of choice by promoting individuality through personal growth.

What Clients Say

The support provided has been excellent. Slim Haven
hooked me up with all types of resources.

The staff is the key ingredient for me staying at and with Slim Haven.


When I really needed help,
Slim Haven was there with everything I needed to get back on my feet.